Beautician - Ildikó Fekete-Nagy (Ildy)

Ildiko Fekete-Nagy beautician I have been in the trade for nearly two decades. By the initial guidance of my excellent teacher and all the experiences I have gained throughout the years, it became an important factor to me, not only to make my customers thoroughly happy with the services but also to ensure that they leave in a peaceful and bright mood after each beauty session. I believe that external beauty and internal harmony create a whole.

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Service- and pricelist

Full facial 7000 HUF
(peeling + cleansing + massage + treatment 1 + treament 2)
Teen facial 4200 HUF
(peeling + cleansing + treatment)
Small facial 3700 HUF
(peeling + massage + treatment)
+ ultrasound 700 HUF
Hydrodermabrasion treatment 5000 HUF
(Hydrodermabrasion + treatment + massage)
Face massage (30 minutes) 2000 HUF

Moustache 700 HUF
Eyebrow 700 HUF
Full leg 2200 HUF
Half leg 1500 HUF
Arm 1500 HUF
Armpit 800 HUF
Bikini waxing:
- small 1100 HUF
- medium 1500 HUF
- full 3000 HUF

Lashes and brows:
Tidy up (plucking, shaping) 700 HUF
Brow makeup 800 HUF
Lash dying 800 HUF

3D eyelashes:
First occasion 7000 HUF
Refill after two weeks 3000 HUF
Refill after three weeks 4000 HUF
Refill after four weeks 5500 HUF

HD 3D eyelashes:
First occasion 8500 HUF
Refill after two weeks 3500 HUF
Refill after three weeks 5000 HUF
Refill after four weeks 7000 HUF

2D double eyelashes:
First occasion 11 000 HUF
Refill after two weeks 5000 HUF
Refill after three weeks 6500 HUF
Refill after four weeks 9000 HUF

Makeup rehearsal 1800 HUF
Day makeup 2000 HUF
For special occasions 3000 HUF
Bridal makeup 3500 HUF

Paraffin wax treatment 1500 HUF

The prices are set in Hungarian currency, Hungarian Forint (HUF).
Valid from 15th May 2018

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